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25 Most Valuable First Edition Pokemon Cards - Old Sports Cards

The #4 Charizard is by far the most desirable of all the first edition Pokémon cards. Charizard made its first appearance in the Pokémon Red and Blue video games released for the Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Color back in the mid-90s and trainers have been relying on the character's overpowering fire and flying abilities to win battles ever since.

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Top 5 First Edition Pokemon Cards. Any shiny, shadowless 1st Edition Pokémon card will be reasonably valuable, but there are a few which manage to stand out from the crowd. 1999 Shadowless Charizard Pokemon Base 1st Edition #4 Buy on eBay. Charizard was the key to the original set and one of the most popular Pokémon from the era. That has continued to the present day, while prices continue to rise for shadowless versions.

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The first of the original legendary birds in card form, followed by Articuno and Moltres in the Fossil series, Zapdos rounds out the holographic cards for the 1 st Edition set. With an electric close to these iconic holographic issues, Zapdos can achieve values of around $1,500.

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A card bearing a first edition mark on the side means it’s from the first print run of a card set, which gives it extra value. Have you played Pokemon Trading Card Game? YES NO

The Most Expensive Gen 1 Pokémon Cards, Officially Ranked

The most expensive card seems to be this one, a first edition, holofoil, shadowless Venusaur selling for $7,500! Not only is it very rare, but it was rated a perfect 10 by the PSA, making it one of the nicest Vensaur cards on the planet.

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Most valuable pokemon cards will have the “1st Edition” marking. This means that this specific card is one of the first batch made by Nintendo to be mass-produced. If you still want to make sure, look at all sides on your pokemon card (front and back).

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Are 1st Edition Pokemon cards worth anything? In the present day, the first edition card is still extremely valuable and was the tenth card in the set. There are currently 80 PSA 10 graded copies of the Mewtwo card, and they’ll easily sell within the five-figure range.

50 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards of All Time - Old Sports Cards

20) 2000 Pokemon Korean First Edition Charizard. Sold in March, 2021 for $40,000. Unlike some of the other first edition Pokemon cards distributed in different regions and languages in 1999, the Korean version did not debut until a year later in 2000. Still, they can fetch colossal price tags on the open market just like the other first edition sets.